New Zealand’s Brand MitoQ Launched Stress Relief Capsules

A recent market research report shows that global consumers are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress. Facing this problem, New Zealand’s cell health brand MitoQ has launched a new comprehensive stress relief product, “MitoQ stress relief capsules”. With the core patented ingredient MitoQ® molecule, this new product can deliver nutrients directly to the adrenal cell mitochondria, helping to fight against free radical damage, release adrenal cell stress, and replenish cellular energy. At the same time, the capsules are supplemented with three targeted stress relief ingredients, Sensoril® patented ingredient from South African nightshade, Rhodiolife® from Rhodiola, and hawthorn extract, allowing the body to better respond to stress. MitoQ stress relief capsules have now been fully launched in the Chinese market. (Source:

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