Zespri Joins Hands with Nutrition Experts

Just as the 2023 Zespri New Zealand season officially kicks off, Zespri, a world-renowned healthy fruit brand, invited Dr. Lilac, a leading health science media in China, as well as Ruan Guangfeng, Communication Director of Science and Technology Department of Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, and an Olympic champion nutritionist. Yu Liang and Chinese national registered dietitian Jin Xing went to New Zealand, the capital of kiwifruit in the world, to explore the secret behind Zespri kiwifruit’s high standard, high quality and high nutritional value. During this trip, nutrition experts from China and New Zealand gathered to discuss cutting-edge research on diet and health, personally experience the kiwifruit cultivation and planting stories passed down from generation to generation in Zespri New Zealand, and personally experience the layers of checks in the Zespri system. live” tour.

Experts from the two countries gathered to discuss cutting-edge research on fruits, vegetables and kiwifruit

The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)” recommends that adults consume no less than 300g of fresh vegetables and 200-350g of fresh fruits per day. According to the survey data released by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the intake of fruits and vegetables in my country is seriously insufficient. During this journey, experts and media from China came to the Zespri headquarters in New Zealand, and conducted in-depth discussions with New Zealand experts on the current status of fruit and vegetable intake of residents in the two countries and the research on vitamin C and physical health.

“Zespri has always attached great importance to the cultivation of kiwi fruit and the research on kiwi fruit and human health. We have found that kiwi fruit contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, including vitamin C, dietary fiber, kiwi fruit enzymes, and potassium. “Dr. Paul Blatchford, Innovation Leader of Zespri International Health and Nutrition Department, shared at the meeting: “Zespri kiwifruit has a high nutritional density, among which Zespri Sunshine Golden Fruit is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to improve the health of the human body. Immunity, compared to a single-element tablet supplement, fresh fruits and vegetables can supplement a variety of natural vitamins and nutrients at one time.”

Ruan Guangfeng, Communication Director of the Science and Technology Department of Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, pointed out: “The intake of vitamin C among Chinese residents is seriously insufficient. According to the survey results of the Nutrition and Health Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average daily intake of dietary vitamin C for our adult residents is The dosage is 78.1mg, and the proportion of people who are deficient is about 65%. According to the recommendation of “Chinese Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake (2013)” compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the daily intake of vitamin C for adults is 100mg. Zespri Sunshine Gold The vitamin C content of the fruit can reach 160mg/100g, that is to say, one sunshine golden fruit can provide 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement.”

Registered dietitian Jin Xing shared the cutting-edge trend of using social media to educate consumers on nutrition science in the Internet environment in China: “Food nutrition is nutrition with Chinese characteristics, and food should be used to establish a health label, keep healthy and strengthen the body, and prevent diseases. As a healthy fruit brand, Zespri is committed to conveying the cutting-edge nutritional diet research and the new health proposition of “food and nutrition” to Chinese consumers through popular science education, helping every consumer to obtain natural nutrients through high-quality kiwifruit.”

Olympic champion nutritionist Yu Liang shared the benefits of kiwifruit for post-exercise nutritional supplements from the perspective of sports nutrition. He pointed out: “Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can eliminate oxygen free radicals produced by exercise. In addition, exercise can promote the growth and repair of muscles and bones, so more vitamin C is needed to promote collagen. The production of protein helps maintain the health of muscles, bones and joints. Eating more fruits rich in vitamin C like Zespri kiwi after exercise can help the body quickly replenish energy and nutrition after exercise.”

Zespri Orchard is located in the kiwifruit capital of the world – the Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand, where there are more than 2,400 hours of sunshine throughout the year and an average annual rainfall of 2,000 mm. Sufficient sunshine and water provide excellent hydrothermal conditions for the growth of kiwifruit. In addition, New Zealand has a large temperature difference between day and night, and the whole island is covered with fertile volcanic ash soil. Every kiwifruit shrub can absorb sufficient nutrients and bear strong fruits.

March-April is the peak harvest season for kiwifruit. The media and experts visited the Zespri New Zealand Breeding Center, orchards, third-party authoritative testing agencies and packaging factories to learn all about how a kiwifruit passes through generations of New Zealanders. Elaborate cultivation and inheritance, and layer-by-layer checks of the Zespri system, finally reach consumers with excellent quality.

Fruit farmer Steven introduced: “A tall windbreak forest needs to be built next to the orchard to allow kiwifruit to grow safely in the “windless zone”. At the same time, Zespri has put forward strict requirements for fruit growers, and can only obtain planting certification after special selection and professional training. .”

At the same time, Zespri has also formulated an exclusive crop protection standard (CPS, Crop Protection Standard). When cultivating kiwifruit, fruit farmers can only use approved sprays to kill insects. Before picking, the fruit grower will also carry out independent pesticide chemical residue testing on the kiwifruit in each orchard to ensure that there are no pesticide residues in the kiwifruit. The good environment of the Zespri orchard and the ingenious management of the fruit growers allow Zespri kiwifruit to thrive, laying a solid foundation for Zespri’s quality.

Before the kiwifruit is officially picked, a batch of samples will be sent to a third-party testing agency for comprehensive testing. The testing items include weight, hardness, pulp color, black seed color, dry matter content, moisture, sweetness and other checkpoints. Therefore, each kiwifruit can be officially picked only after its maturity and sweetness reach the standard and sent to the packaging factory for further screening and packaging.

At the Zespri kiwifruit packaging factory, experts and the media witnessed the hair removal moment of each kiwifruit. After the “beauty treatment”, it will go through the “layer by layer assessment” of the large automatic screening machine, and the fruits that are too light, too heavy, uneven in shape, and damaged in the skin will be eliminated. Finally, it enters the classifier for size and weight classification. The graded kiwifruit will be sorted and boxed on the conveyor belt to ensure that each box of kiwifruit has a uniform specification. In the end, the kiwifruit that has passed through multiple levels of assessment will be labeled with the Zespri fruit label to ensure that the quality of Zespri kiwifruit purchased by customers is guaranteed no matter what channel they purchase.

Finally, the packaged kiwifruit will be refrigerated, so that the kiwifruit can fully “rest” in a cool and comfortable environment. After everything is ready, Zespri kiwifruit will embark on a journey across the ocean. Zespri uses refrigerated cargo transport ships, and the temperature changes during the entire transportation process will be recorded by the temperature monitoring system to ensure that every fruit is still full of vitality after a long journey.

The 2023 New Zealand season officially starts, and Zespri will continue to revitalize life with vigor

As the world‘s leading brand of kiwifruit, Zespri insists on innovation. From green kiwifruit to sunshine golden kiwifruit to ruby ​​red kiwifruit, Zespri is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, high-standard, more nutritious and tastier products . In 2023, the Zespri kiwifruit season will officially start. Together with Zespri, we will be full of vitality and revitalize our lives. (Source: breakinglatest.news)

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