Huahai Pharm Introduced an Innovative Form of Functional Snack

As a pioneering brand of functional food, Huahai Health’s brand “FDISM” has made innovative breakthroughs in product formulation. Traditional dietary supplements are typically delivered in the form of capsules or tablets without individual packaging. In nowadays fast-paced lifestyle, they are easily forgotten in some corner of the home, ending up being half-empty and eventually discarded. In contrast, Huahai Pharm’s FDISM uses freeze-drying technology, condensing nutrition into small, freeze-dried blocks, which not only meets nutritional needs but also pays great attention to taste. With a crispy and crunchy texture, this new product formulation reduces the aversion to consuming traditional supplements, which often feels like taking medicine. Instead, it makes nutritional supplementation a convenient and enjoyable part of daily life, making it more diverse and interesting. (Source:

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