“XiaoTianCai” Launched the High-Energy DHA Walnut Balls

“XiaoTianCai”, the children’s snack brand under Natural Food, had a hot-selling debut in the last quarter of the previous year, becoming a new favorite for healthy snacks for children. Recently, “XiaoTianCai” launched a new high-energy product called DHA Walnut Balls (Seaweed Flavor). It features a unique combination of “Walnut-Origin Omega-3 + Patented DHA Algal Powder” to provide nutrients for children’s brain development. Additionally, one DHA walnut ball is equivalent to the high-nutrient density formula of 8 growth nutrients and 4 nuts, addressing the problems of nutritional deficiency and limited nutrient variety of children’s snacks. “XiaoTianCai” has also collaborated with the popular animated series “Paw Patrol” to gain parents’ trust and children’s love. (Source: foodaily)