Seminar Throws Light on the Importance of Nutrition, Supplements

A variety of activities and education programs were held to raise awareness about nutrition and its importance during National Nutrition Week, which runs from May 15 to May 20.

The topic of this year’s National Nutrition Week was “safeguarding wellbeing with a balanced diet,” and nutritional supplements for special groups such as the elderly and the sick were highlighted.

With 25 percent of people over the age of 60 and 18.7 percent over 65 in 2022, Shanghai has a relatively high life expectancy of 83.2 years.

Fudan University School of Public Health emphasized food safety in the context of rising food and beverage trends at a seminar.

In his lecture at the Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, President Qin Huanlong emphasized the clinical importance of gut microbiome changes for patients with chronic diseases.

Leading food and catering companies intend to improve collaboration and provide scientific knowledge to the general public to enable them to identify the appropriate functional probiotic supplements for their specific needs.

Last week, Meiji teamed with Sodexo to supply catering services and functional probiotics to hospitals like Tongren, Parkway Shanghai, and the Jing’an and Changning branches of Shanghai United Family Hospital.

Gao Jian, chief of the Department of Clinical Nutrition at Zhongshan Hospital, said patients in the recovery stage have higher nutritional needs than normal people. Nutritional supplementation, Gao said, can also reduce the incidence of complications, shorten hospitalization times, and accelerate recovery.
At a recent health and nutrition roundtable sponsored by Abbott’s medical nutrition section, he stated that a nutritious diet with full and balanced nutrition that is easy to digest and enjoyable is crucial for the aging population’s wellbeing.
Personalized dietary support is especially vital for patients suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, he said. (Source: