Probiotic-Fermented Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yan Chao, the Director of Research and Development Department at Inatural Biotech, believes that inheriting the concept of traditional Chinese nourishment and innovating modern microbial fermentation technology can help achieve the goals of delaying aging and promoting healthy aging. Probiotic-fermented traditional Chinese medicine offers five major advantages:

1. The fermentation process of probiotics generates a rich enzyme system, which can effectively break down the cell walls of plant materials through enzymatic hydrolysis, allowing the efficient release of active ingredients.

2. Probiotic fermentation simulates the process of decomposition, accelerating the absorption in the human body.

3. Through fermentation, the biological transformation of traditional Chinese medicine components can alter their pharmacological properties.

4. Flavor substances such as organic acids and amino acids produced during microbial fermentation improve the taste of medicinal herbs.

5. Microbial fermentation technology enhances the bioavailability of medicinal herbs, reducing waste of medicinal resources. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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