Danone Open Research Center Announced Multiple Local Research Achievements

At the 10th Danone Nutricia International Nutrition Academic Seminar, Danone Open Research Center announced the preliminary research results of the first “Qilin Project” designed and conducted in China. The study demonstrated the effects of a combination of short-chain low-polygalactose (scGOS) and long-chain fructooligosaccharides (lcFOS) prebiotics on the gut health of Chinese infants and young children.

In addition to the Qilin Project, Danone also collaborated with several top-tier hospitals to launch the “Dragon Study”, exploring the positive effects of specific synbiotic combinations of prebiotics and probiotics on the infant gut microbiota in both short-term and long-term studies. The latest local clinical project, “Lanyang Study”, aims to explore the effects of formula goat milk powder on gut microbiota and the health of Chinese babies. (Source: 163.com)

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