China Sports Nutrition Brand “CPT” Presented at ICANS International Conference

Recently, the International Conference on Adaptations & Nutrition in Sports (ICANS) for the year 2023 was held in Singapore. With the theme “Maximizing Human Potential in a Changing World”, this conference stands as one of Asia’s largest international nutrition gatherings. As the sole representative of a sports nutrition enterprise from China, CPT was invited to deliver a keynote speech and actively participated in key seminars. They shared China’s advanced experiences and fruitful achievements in the sports nutrition industry on an esteemed international platform of professionals.

Over the years, CPT has consistently focused on product research and innovation. As a leader in the industry, CPT has led the drafting and establishment of five industry standards and one national standard for sports nutrition products. Moreover, the company has acquired 163 authorized patents, including 101 invention patents and 55 utility model patents. Among the authorized invention patents, 38 are related to muscle protein, and 27 are related to nutrition. (Source:

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