“YiPingShu” Compound Probiotics Received the 2023 Product Technology Innovation Award

On July 26th, the 12th China Financial Summit and the 2023 Sustainable Business Conference were held in Beijing. LuNan Pharmaceutical’s probiotic product, “YiPingShu” compound probiotics, was honored with the “2023 Product Technology Innovation Award”. This is the third award received by the product. “YiPingShu” compound probiotics contain over 12 billion live CFUs per box. Among them, the patented strains Lactobacillus TSR-332 and Bifidobacterium TSF-331 have powerful purine degradation abilities, effectively reducing blood uric acid levels. The product is combined with six types of prebiotics and postbiotics to effectively regulate the balance of intestinal microbiota. (Source: sdnews.com)

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