Introducing Aptamil Pro3: Elevating Infant Nutrition with Innovative Upgrades

On August 8th, Danone Nutricia announced the launch of its new national standard product, Aptamil Pro3, under its infant formula brand Aptamil. Aptamil Pro3 has undergone product upgrades based on the new national standards. It not only features the exclusive patented 9:1 optimal prebiotic blend and the milk source OPO structure, but also employs the industry-leading full liquid protein ingredient feeding process. With a one-step powder formation, it brings a higher quality early-life nutrition to Chinese infants. Moreover, the design of a 9:1 prebiotic blend can enhance the key beneficial bacteria in the baby’s intestine by 60% and aid the baby’s immune system in releasing immunoglobulin sIgA. (Source:

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