Eurmelk Launched New Generation of Prebiotic Yogurt

Eurmelk’s new generation prebiotic yogurt uses a scientifically balanced formula and adds dual prebiotic ingredients of oligofructose and inulin that promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, helping consumers cultivate their own beneficial microbes. Furthermore, the new generation of prebiotic yogurt takes into consideration the personalized needs of consumers. For the children’s group growth prebiotic formula, Eurmelk adds 9g of protein to each box, which is approximately the protein content of two regular yogurt boxes available in the market. For the female group, Eurmelk creates a prebiotic yogurt formula specifically for women with zero added sugar, reducing the burden for those watching their sugar intake. The family probietic formula is designed in a golden ratio, aiming to maintain the overall intestinal health of the whole family. (Source:

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