Akita Manman Launches Organic Rice Powder with Motherly Probiotic

On April 28th, Akita Manman announced the launch of its new product – Motherly Probiotic Organic Rice Powder. As it is explained, this product particularly addresses the problems babies commonly encounter when starting on solid food such as constipation and diarrhea. Akita Manman’s rice powder specially added a strain of Motherly Probiotic CECT5716, which has been separated from healthy mother’s milk, to be more compatible with the human body and help babies improve their own protective capabilities.

It’s important to note that the Fermented Mucous Lactobacillus CECT5716 is the first publicly reported probiotic isolated from human breast milk in the National Health Commission’s “List of Strains Available for Infants and Young Children’s Food”. In addition, this product also adds rice germ, as well as divalent iron and vitamin C into its composition. Concurrently, the product adopts a specially researched cereal enzymatic hydrolysis small molecule technology, which allows the rice powder to not clump together for better mixing with water. (Source: Netease News)

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