Public Comments sought on Food Nutrition Enhancers! Lactose-N-Tetrasaccharide and 2’-Fucosyllactose Make the List Again

On May 10th, according to the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, public comments are being solicited for new types of food additives such as D-Allulose-3-Epimerase, new types of food nutrition enhancers like 2′-Fucosyllactose and Lactose-N-Tetrasaccharide, as well as food nutrition enhancers like Sodium Ferrous Citrate that are seeking to expand their usage scopes. The deadline for comments is until June 9th.

As learned by Shuzheng Kangxun, a new type of food nutrition enhancer, 2′-Fucosyllactose, has had public solicitations of comments conducted multiple times before. Just last March, 2’-Fucosyllactose, with Helicobacter pylori as its donor, has already been approved. (Source: Shuzheng Kangxun)

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