Mead Johnson (China) Released its Adult Nutrition Strategic Plan

Recently, Mead Johnson (China) introduced a pioneering dynamic closed-loop health management model for Chinese adults. This model combines a scientifically verified health assessment system with an AI+ microbiome product development innovation platform, enabling precise responses to the nutritional needs of more Chinese adults. On the same day, Mead Johnson unveiled its “AGIJOY” three-year strategic plan, which encompasses a comprehensive range of products in three major areas: foundational nutrition, functional nutrition, and food for special medical purposes. Meanwhile, Mead Johnson’s new products were launched. Among them, “AGIJOY Prebiotic and Selenium-Enriched Adult Milk Powder” contains β-glucan and a 2:2:1 golden ratio of three major prebiotics. Another new product, “AGIJOY Whey Protein Powder”, contains high-quality concentrated whey protein and an additional 100 billion inactivated probiotics. (Source:

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