Emerging Popularity of Perilla in Health Products

According to data from the China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines, the overall import and export volume of plant extracts in China showed an upward trend from 2018 to 2022. In 2022, the total import and export volume of plant extracts in China reached RMB 31.02 billion yuan (USD $4.312 billion), with a year-on-year increase of 8.07%. It is expected that by 2028, the market size of the plant extract industry in China will reach RMB 56.12 billion yuan (USD $7.8 billion).

With people’s pursuit of natural, green, and healthy products, new varieties and application areas of plant extracts will continue to be developed. Perilla, as a medicinal and edible plant, is gaining recognition among more consumers. With high nutritional value, perilla is rich in bioactive substances such as alpha-linolenic acid, flavonoids, and phenolics. After extraction and purification, it is easily absorbed by the human body and plays a positive role in maintaining health. Brands such as Watsons, Hope Water, Little Sheep Forest, and Jing Brand have incorporated the “perilla” element into their new products, and many of these products have achieved considerable sales. (Source: xinyingyang)

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