Fungal Polysaccharide Brand “Junzi Tianchen” Receives the Largest Strategic Investment in the Industry

Recently, it was reported that the leading domestic fungal polysaccharide brand, Junzi Tianchen, has received RMB tens of millions yuan (USD multi-million dollar) in strategic investment from “Qifu Dongfang”, marking the largest funding in the A-round financing of the fungal polysaccharide industry. Publicly available information indicates that Junzi Tianchen is a comprehensive health brand of fungal polysaccharide products integrating research and development, production, and sales. Its main competitive advantage lies in the innovative mycelial liquid fermentation technology developed by its research team. This technology is understood to be the core key technology in the fungal polysaccharide industry chain and the primary technique for cultivating high-quality strains to produce mycelium. In the post-pandemic era, enterprises with core technologies and a focus on preventive healthcare are increasingly favored by capital. (Source: FoodTalks)

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