Multiple Dairy Companies Launch HMO Formula Milk

HMO, the third major nutrient in breast milk after lactose and fat, has various functions such as promoting the growth of probiotics, enhancing immunity, maintaining intestinal microecological balance, and inhibiting the attachment of harmful bacteria. The approval of HMO this time will further narrow the gap with the international market.

Recently, multiple dairy companies have competed to announce the launch of the “domestic first” HMO formula milk. For example, Junlebao Dairy Group introduced the “All-round Care” formula milk with added HMO ingredients; China Feihe has also taken the lead in launching the first HMO formula milk “Xingfeifan Zhuorui 4th stage”; Yili Group has launched the first “JinLingGuan” HMO formula milk; Yeeper Dairy has launched the first domestic HMO goat milk powder. In addition, Mengniu Group has also taken the lead in demonstrating HMO track technology. Among the two approved HMOs by the National Health Commission, one is independently developed by Mengniu. (Source:

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