Probiotic Preservation Technology

In October, Weizhixiang officially established its Suzhou industrial base and launched its probiotic preservation technology on-site. Weizhixiang is the first company in China’s prepared meal industry to use lactic acid bacteria preservation technology. The application of probiotics not only ensures the safety, nutrition, and taste of products, but also extends the shelf life of food.

Compared to traditional liquid nitrogen rapid freezing preservation technology, probiotics, as a naturally beneficial microbial community, offer significant advantages in preserving freshness. Lactic acid bacteria are a crucial part of probiotics, and during the fermentation process, they can isolate suitable microbial communities to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in food. Additionally, they promote the production of phenols, amino acids, peptides, and other substances in food ingredients, ensuring both the nutritional content and taste of the food while benefiting human health. (Source:

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