BY-HEALTH Repurchase 1 Million Shares for the First Time

On the evening of November 28th, BY-HEALTH issued an announcement stating that the company initiated the share repurchase for the first time through a repurchase dedicated securities account via centralized bidding on November 27, 2023. The repurchased quantity was 1 million shares, accounting for 0.0588% of the company’s total share capital on the trading day before this disclosure. The highest transaction price was RMB 18.07 yuan (USD $2.54) per share, the lowest transaction price was RMB 17.88 yuan (USD $2.51) per share, and the total amount paid was approximately RMB 17.99 million yuan (USD $2.52 million). This repurchase complies with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and is in line with the company’s established repurchase plan. (Source: finance.eastmoney)

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