2023 Whitepaper on Trends of Bone and Joint Health

On December 4th, Sirio Pharma, in collaboration with CBNData, jointly released the “2023 Whitepaper on Trends of Bone and Joint Health”. As one of the leading CDMO manufacturers, Sirio Pharma had continued years of research and accumulated a reserve of 68 registered and filed bone and joint health products as of May 2023. On this basis, Sirio Pharma introduced five major standards for WELMAX®️ Glucosamine Quality.

1. Production Line Certification: complies with TGA GMP certification

2. Raw Material Quality: rigorous control through 8 research modules and 68 testing procedures

3. Formula Design: evidence-based nutritional research on content, absorption rate, and bioavailability

4. Strict Quality Control: meet pharmaceutical-grade standards

5. Full Traceability: cloud-based traceability for raw materials and finished products throughout the entire process

In response to the refined demands from consumers regarding bone and joint health issues, the WELMAX®️ Glucosamine Quality standards have been divided into three tiers represented by the colors green, red, and gold. Green-label products primarily consist of glucosamine and calcium as the basic components, addressing routine protection, calcium supplementation, and other fundamental functional care. Red-label products offer targeted management solutions for noticeable discomfort in bones and joints. Gold-label products further enhance care for bones and joints, with formulations mainly based on compound ingredients such as “glucosamine + epimedium + drynaria rhizome”.

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