Prof. Slow Launched Debut Product: Fiber Powder for Rice

At the beginning of December, the scientific nutrition brand “Prof. Slow” launched its debut product “Fiber Powder for Rice”. “Prof. Slow” is a scientific nutrition brand specializing in the health and low-GI sugar control field, jointly created by the leading low-GI sugar control food brand “Slowgar” and Jiangnan University. According to the brand, this new product uses a pure plant-based formula, incorporating 20 types of low glycemic grains, legumes, seeds, and two plant ingredients containing slow-release carbohydrates, and is processed through eight specialized techniques. Adding an appropriate amount of fiber powder when cooking rice can reduce the glycemic index of rice by 38%, supplementing 70% of daily dietary fiber, and enhancing the texture of rice. (Source: FoodTalks)

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