2024 Trends Report on Consumption of Blue Hat Domestic Health Products

On December 20th, Tmall Health and Tmall Innovation Center, in collaboration with CBNData, released the “2024 Trends Report on Consumption of Blue Hat Domestic Health Products”, providing a comprehensive overview of the current status of Chinese health food industry. According to the report, per capita medical and health care consumption in the first half of 2023 increased by 17.1%, with particularly strong demand for health products. The health product market is expected to exceed RMB 300 billion yuan (USD $42 billion) in 2023.

In China’s health food industry, only health products approved with the Blue Hat logo have ingredients and efficacy that are officially certified as authentic and reliable. CBNData research data shows that although 48% of consumers have heard of this concept, they are not familiar with its specific meaning. Among those who are already aware, there is a high level of recognition for Blue Hat products, with 87% of consumers expressing a willingness to prioritize purchasing health products with this logo.

Immunity, blood supplementation, calcium supplementation, and vitamins are the four major high-demand long-term tracks in the Blue Hat health food industry, forming the essential foundation of the health product market. Eye protection and memory enhancement are two potential tracks in the health product industry, with emerging opportunities potentially leading to breakthrough growth in the future. (Source: sohu.com)

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