Nutrilon Launched the High-Configuration “Noyouyun” Formula

This year, with the implementation of the “strictest in history” new national standard for infant formula, launching a diversified product portfolio has become a common direction for major dairy giants’ strategic adjustments. Recently, Danone Nutricia officially announced the launch of the new infant formula “Noyouyun”, tailored for the nutritional digestion and absorption needs during the growth and development stage of babies. This new product uses imported milk sources from New Zealand and features the innovative “Parent Absorption Nutrient Group”, covering OPO, prebiotics GOS/FOS, and lutein, synergistically supporting baby nutrition absorption. In addition, “Noyouyun” contains 130mg/100g of DHA, zinc, iron, and calcium, with a 100% lactose formula design, providing high-quality early-life nutritional solutions for children. (Source:

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