2023 Top Ten Hot Topics in Food Safety and Health

In the freshly released “2023 Top Ten Hot Topics in Food Safety and Health”, five of them are tightly related to the health food industry.

1. Aspartame Safety Debate: There is a heated discussion about the safety of aspartame, but the intake of aspartame by Chinese residents is much lower than the daily allowable intake widely adopted internationally, posing very low health risks.

2. Approval of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs): There is an urgent need to accelerate the application of HMOs in infant formula and other products.

3. New Functions in Health Foods: The 24 claimed functions in health foods, as outlined in the “Implementation Measures for the New Functions and Technical Evaluation of Health Foods (Trial)”, constitute the existing regulatory framework for health food function claims in China.

4. “Sudden Death Prevention Packages” Gain Popularity: The nutritional substances in the “sudden death prevention packages” have certain physiological functions and health effects, but there is no evidence to suggest that they have a preventive effect on sudden death. Health food is not medicine and cannot claim to prevent or treat diseases.

5. Digital Labeling Pilot: Without the limitations of physical labels, consumers can access food information digitally, meeting different consumers’ needs for reading food labels.

(Source: baijiahao)

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