BY-HEALTH: TikTok Channel Revenue Growth Exceeds 100% in 2023

On January 11th, during an institutional research session, BY-HEALTH stated that the company has significant advantages in offline coverage, distributor network, and service quality. It plans to leverage these advantages to further expand its market share. Regarding the company’s online platform revenue, Alibaba and together account for over 60%, while TikTok contributes around 20%. In terms of core e-commerce channels, TikTok has surpassed to become the industry’s second-largest platform, with the fastest overall growth of over 100% in 2023. Compared to traditional container-style e-commerce, TikTok’s live-streaming e-commerce serves as an effective educational platform, allowing the company to cultivate consumers through the delivery of high-quality content. Since going public, the company has maintained an average dividend payout ratio of around 60% to 70%. (Source:

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