MOODLES Launched the Daily Lutein Solid Beverage

On January 9th, “MOODLES” officially announced the launch of a new product, the Daily Lutein Solid Beverage. It contains three main ingredients: blueberry pulp, lutein ester, and corn zeaxanthin. Additionally, it is specially enriched with active probiotics and yogurt to create a cheese-like taste. Furthermore, the new product emphasizes on zero additives, including no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sucrose, or edible gel. It adopts the -36°C FD freeze-drying technology to lock in freshness, reducing the loss of nutritional components. Each bag contains 12mg of lutein ester and 1.2mg of corn zeaxanthin. The new product is now available on the official Tmall store, with a reference retail price of RMB 22 yuan (USD $3.09) per box. (Source: Foodaily)

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