Top French Health and Nutrition Brand Therascience Joins TikTok

Therascience, a medical laboratory headquartered in Monaco, is a professional medical company providing cutting-edge nutritional formulas for the nutritional supplement market. Differentiating itself from the mass appeal of general health products, Therascience insists on specialized health management products for different demographics. It offers over 500 professional-grade products in five major categories, covering 25 health areas, including star products in fields like women’s health, skincare, cardiovascular health, men’s health, and children’s nutrition. In 2019, Therascience made its debut at the China International Import Expo. Recently, the company announced its entry into the Chinese e-commerce market, joining TikTok and collaborating deeply with top Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to enhance its brand visibility across all channels. (Source: tech.china)

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