SAMR Issued Precautions for Registering Health Food Products

On March 7, 2024, the Food Review Center of the State Administration for Market Regulation(CFE-SAMR) issued precautions for registered products of health foods using DHA algae oil, soy protein isolate or whey protein. The content includes: when DHA is used as a nutrient supplement raw material, the range of functional ingredients in its registered products should be 80%-120% of the labeled amount of the product’s functional ingredients, and should also meet the daily consumption amount of adults; when filing functional health foods using soy protein isolate or/and whey protein as raw materials, the registered products shall be in accordance with the efficacy of the published health food raw materials catalog, combined with the adjusted health function claim in the newly released health function catalog that allows health food claims, it is marked as “helping to enhance immunity”; currently it is not allowed to select one or two categories of people including “4-17 years old”, “people under 10 years old”, “pregnant women” and “wet nurse” are regarded as unsuitable groups. (Source: CFE-SAMR)

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