(SAMR): Review Rules for the Production Licence of Food Additives (Draft) for Public Comments

To standardize and guide the food additives production licensing work, and strengthen the safety supervision of food additives, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) drafted and issued the Review Rules for the Production Licence of Food Additives (Draft) for public comments. Comments are welcomed before May 3, 2024.

The Draft consists of 10 chapters and 56 articles. It specifies that food additives with low food safety risks and real market demand are allowed to be sub-packaged, while certain categories of food flavorings, spices, and compound food additives, including those related to psychotropic drugs, easily synthesizable chemicals, and hazardous chemicals, are prohibited from being sub-packaged due to their specific management requirements and associated risks upon release into the market.

To address issues related to improper labeling and instructions, the Draft outlines specific requirements for reviewing food additive labels and instructions. It emphasizes that food additives should only be used within specified food categories and should not exceed the maximum permitted usage levels.

Furthermore, the Draft includes provisions to address concerns regarding improper formulation and naming of compound food additives and food flavorings. It establishes additional review requirements for formulation research and development, quality control, labeling, and instructions to mitigate risks associated with non-compliance with national food safety standards.

Additionally, measures are proposed to address issues related to food colorants and secondary dyes, focusing on controlling raw material purity and promoting process optimization to ensure higher product purity and reduce risks of excessive secondary dyes. (Source: CIRS-Group)