Functional Food Circle will Host 2024 Women’s Nutritional Food Trend Insight Conference

In the past few years, categories linked to beauty have led to surges in the level of consumer spending, reaching trillions of dollars. “Food-derived cosmetics” has emerged as a significant trend in women’s beauty spending.

Data reveals that in 2022, the global oral beauty market scaled to approximately $9.1 billion , with projections suggesting this figure will grow to around $16.28 billion by 2030. Among them, China is poised to overtake Japan, becoming the biggest oral beauty market in the Asia-Pacific region. Additional public data predicts that China’s oral beauty market could reach about $3.76 billion by 2025.

Functional Food Circle from FoodMate, in collaboration with Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., is hosting the “Women’s Nutritional Food Trend Insight Conference” on June 19, 2024, during the “25th Health Natural Raw Materials, Food Ingredients China Exhibition.” The conference will revolve around discussions about the current status, future trends, and innovative directions of the women’s nutritional health food market, to provide beneficial ideas and suggestions for industry development. (Source: Functional Food Circle)

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