DSM-Firmenich Releases 2023 Greater China Sustainable Development Report

DSM-Firmenich has released its 2023 Sustainable Development Report for the Greater China region, driving green development in the industry towards an improved quality of life. Reportedly, the report covers four areas: 1) Fragrance and Beauty; 2) Food and Beverage; 3) Human Nutrition; 4) Animal Nutrition.

In the Food and Beverage sector, DSM-Firmenich has launched a series of hydrocolloid texture solutions, utilizing a sustainable product, Gellaneer® ND-JY, to replicate the sensory experience of Acacia gum, catering to the consumer’s sensory experience while providing cost benefits to manufacturers. In Human Nutrition, DSM-Firmenich manages to produce algae oil at a lower cost and larger scale by extracting Omega-3 through a pure water process, thereby protecting the biodiversity of marine fish populations. (Source: China Economic Net)

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