Jimi Bio has Introduced an Extract from Sika Deer Velvet

Recently, domestic biotechnology company Jimi Bio (jimi.bio) announced their latest research achievements: Jimi has successfully further extracted a new active ingredient “ASCⅡ extract” from sika deer velvet stem cells, and named it “Sikavira”.

According to reports, this extract has the characteristics of high activity, few impurities, high purity, and easy absorption. The brand claims that it can play a role in anti-aging care, anti-oxidant skincare, and medical aesthetics repair.

In August 2023, Jimi Bio publicly announced that it had developed the world’s first antler stem cell line. This time, Jimi Bio further extracted its core active ingredient, Sikavira, from sika deer velvet stem cells. Jimi Bio revealed that the technology currently has multiple domestic patents and is applying for patent recognition in multiple countries around the world. (Source: FoodTalks)

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