2022 Financing Summary of the Health Food Industry

According to the incomplete statistics of Shuzhengkangxun, a total of 31 cases of financing occurred in the field of nutrition and health food in 2022, with the total amount of financing reaching RMB 846 million yuan (USD $121 million). From the market segmentation, nutritional health food and functional beverage received the most financing, with amounts of RMB 200 million yuan (USD $28.6 million) and RMB 190 million yuan (USD $27.2) respectively, followed by pet health and silver hair group healthcare. Moreover, in all 31 cases of financing, there is only one C round and three strategic cases, while most of the remaining companies are still in the angel round and A round, accounting for 37% and 32% respectively. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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