Feihe Launched “AIBEN” Formulas for Adults

Feihe and Peking University Medical Department jointly developed two high-end milk powder products for middle-aged and elderly people. The “AIBEN Colostrum Milk Powder” contains up to 25,000mg of immunoglobulin IgG, 75mg of lactoferrin, and 10 billion CFU of active probiotics (Bifidobacterium animalis subspecies Bb-12) per 100g of milk powder, to help with enhance the immunity function. The other “AIBEN Phytosterol Ester Milk Powder“ has added phytosterol esters, conjugated linoleic acid glycerides, deep-sea fish oil powder, and yeast β-glucan, which have clear efficacy on improving cardio- and cerebrovascular functions. Meanwhile, Feihe launched the “AIBEN Health China” initiation of healthcare science to promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. (Source: news.cn)

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