IFIC Releases 2023 Food and Beverage Industry Trends

1. Healthy beverage: by 2023, consumers will be looking for energy, mental health, and gut health benefits in their beverages.

2. Probiotics: over the past few years, several ingredient suppliers have been responding to consumers’ interest in probiotics.

3. Upcycled plant-based food ingredients: many products will use upcycled products claiming that the wasted portion will be processed for use in other products.

4. Food packaging: packaging for natural and clean food is on the hit.

5. Employee benefits: according to the 2022 IFIC survey, 45% of respondents said that treating workers fairly and equitably is important in their purchasing decisions.

6. Supply chain: 83% of respondents said they have noticed an increase in the cost of food and beverages in the past year. (Source: sina.com)

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