Imported Health Products Equipped with “Chinese Translation Stickers”

As the Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, Tmall International is doing its best to ensure the supply of imported health products and equip the products with “Chinese translation stickers”. Taobao has also built the “imported purple medicine box” search entry, where customers can enter targeted efficacy and ingredients to find corresponding imported drugs.

According to Tmall International, in one month before the Chinese New Year, sales of immunity-boosting vitamin C grew by up to 900% year-on-year and coenzyme Q10 capsules grew by 720% year-on-year. Imported probiotics and deep-sea high-purity fish oil both showed triple-digit growth. Moreover, herbal tonic health products such as Australian elderberry gummies, Korean ginseng, and German quercetin also exploded in growth. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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