Blueglass x Estée Lauder: “Anti-Gravity” Collagen Yogurt Series

Blueglass collaborates with Estée Lauder to launch the “anti-gravity” collagen yogurt series. Blueglass Yogurt owns 70,000 acres of pasture, 10,000 Holstein cows, and independently developed patented strains, in order to achieve healthy and additive-free products. Specially added with collagen and probiotic molecular popping bubbles, each cup of the new product contains 100 billion active probiotics. From April 1 to April 30, 2023, with the purchase of any cup of Blueglass “Anti-Gravity” Collagen Yogurt Series, customers can receive a trial kit of Estée Lauder’s collagen cream (limited to 100,000 kits). (Source: