Competition Landscape and Market Share of Probiotics Industry in China

The probiotics industry in China is divided into three competitive tiers based on the production capacity of probiotic powder. The first tier consists of only one enterprise, Wecare-Bio, with a production capacity of over 500 tons. The second-tier enterprises have production capacity between 100 to 500 tons, including Vland, Scitop, Inatural, and BioGrowing. The third tier consists of enterprises with production capacity below 100 tons, mainly including Ringpu and Jiaoda Onlly.

According to Alibaba Health data, in 2022, two foreign manufacturers of DuPont and Chr. Hansen dominated the Chinese probiotics industry market with a combined market share of 85%. Among local manufacturers, the top three in market share were Wecare-Bio, Vland, and BioGrowing, accounting for 6.6%, 4.1%, and 2.5% respectively. (Source: inews.qq)

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