Bioflag Launched a Family-Oriented Functional Probiotics Product Solution

As a Chinese probiotic manufacturer, Bioflag has always been attentive to market demands. Currently, Bioflag has launched three proprietary probiotic health food products: probiotic powder, multivitamin zinc probiotic powder, and collagen lactobacillus probiotic powder. These products have received positive feedback in the market and supported the development of Bioflag’s growth engine in the large pharmaceutical retail chain system.

In addition, Bioflag has officially introduced a family-oriented functional probiotics product solution called “Bioflag Yisheng”, which has been clinically validated. Containing selected high-quality strains from China and formulated probiotic powders, Bioflag Yisheng provides customized nutritional solutions and healthy choices for people of all ages through 5 differentiated customized formulations. (Source: xinyingyang)

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