Probiotics China News Bites – April 2023

  • Chr. Hansen released its semi-annual results, including the two quarters of Q4 in 2022 and Q1 in 2023, achieving a total organic growth of 11%. According to Chr. Hansen, the company has a minimum revenue potential of EUR 100 million (approximately US$97.2 million) due to the strategic business area of “lighthouses”. It is reported that Chr. Hansen’s “lighthouses” strategic business includes biological protection, fermented plant-based, plant health, HMO (human milk oligosaccharides) and Bactera (bacteriology, therapeutic, era) and other fields. In the second quarter, a total of 38% organic growth, compared to 2% from the core business.
  • ADM and Brightseed announce a joint global partnership to develop science-backed synbiotic products for targeted microbiome optimization. It is reported that in the partnership, ADM will use Brightseed’s Forager artificial intelligence platform to study the molecular interactions between plant bioactive substances and gut microbes and their potential impact on human health.
  • Health Canada has approved Clasado Biosciences’ galacto-oligosaccharide prebiotic ingredient Bimuno GOS for use in NHPs (Natural Health Products). At the same time, 10 health claims are now available for products containing Bimuno GOS.
    It is reported that the 10 health claims mentioned above are: 1) source of prebiotic fiber; 2) helps support and maintain digestive health; 3) can help support and/or maintain digestive health within seven days; 4) Helps maintain intestinal/GI health; 5) Helps support healthy GI function; 6) (Clinically proven to help) / Helps relieve digestive symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, Gas and bloating; 7) (clinically proven to help) / Helps increase levels of gastrointestinal probiotics such as Bifidobacteria; 8) Helps reduce diarrhea risk; 9) Helps maintain immune health; 10) Has Helps lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (a clinical marker associated with inflammation).
  • IFF scales up production of anaerobic probiotic strains. It is reported that recently, IFF has identified a new microbiome solution and established the safe and efficient production of the newly discovered proprietary Gram-negative probiotic Akkermansia, suitable for immunity enhancement, insulin, on laboratory and industrial scales. Sensitivity and intestinal barrier function regulation and other solution formulations.
  • Recently, the seminar on the development trend of probiotics at home and abroad and the latest achievements of China Resources Jiangzhong’s self-developed strain Lactobacillus plantarum P9 were held in Jiangzhong Medicine Valley. At this meeting, China Resources Jiangzhong and Beijing Ketuo Biology reached a new round of strategic cooperation. Representatives of both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly deploy the intestinal health industry and jointly create high-quality and affordable national probiotics.
  • Recently, Tianjin Chuangyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Beicongmei Health Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched Beicongmei® Nutrition Pack for Pregnant Women. This product adds α-linolenic acid (microcapsule powder), IOBPRO® Yuanfen, Bifidobacterium lactis HH-BA68, active folic acid, vitamin D, etc., rich in dietary fiber, suitable for pregnant women.
  • Recently, DSM i-Heath signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Resources Jiangzhong. The two parties will cooperate around the Kangcuile probiotic project and other extended categories.
  • On April 11, Sunflower Pharmaceutical (002737) released its 2022 annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved revenue of 5.095 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.2%; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 867 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.05%. The report shows that in 2022, there will be 86 health care product projects under research, mainly focusing on general food, health food, research on the own strains of probiotics and other major health fields; there are 228 functional food projects in reserve.
  • Recently, Fonterra, a dairy cooperative in New Zealand, said that it lowered the forecast range of farm milk prices for the 2022-2023 milking season from NZ$8.2 to NZ$8.8 per kilogram of milk solids to NZ$8.0 to NZ$8.6 per kilogram, and the midpoint of the price range was lowered by NZ$20. Cent to NZ$8.3. Full-year forecasts for normalized earnings of 55 to 75 NZ cents per share remain unchanged.
  • Two products of AB-BIOTICS were shortlisted for the 2023 Nutraingredients Awards, which is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge innovations in functional foods and nutritional supplements, and focusing on commending scientific research innovations in the food and nutrition industry. The Oscars of food ingredients. A total of 15 categories of awards were contested this year, and AB-BIOTICS was shortlisted for two of them.
  • According to a report from Kunming Daily on March 27, Zobang (Shanghai) Food Technology Co., Ltd. went to Kunming a few days ago to carry out on-site investigations on the probiotic fermented vegetable processing project.
  • On March 27, “Nanotechnology”, a sub-journal of “Nature”, reported online that Professor Mao Zhengwei from the Polymer Department of Zhejiang University, together with Professor Chen Xiaoyuan from the National University of Singapore and Professor Wang Weilin from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, took the Represented by Bifidobacteria, the probiotic/artificial enzyme composite material was constructed for the first time, which can effectively improve the survival and proliferation of probiotics in the inflammatory microenvironment of oxidative stress, thereby improving their ability to colonize and regulate the flora in the inflammatory intestinal tract , to provide a new strategy for the treatment of enteritis.
  • On March 29, Lallemand Health Solutions debuted a unique organic yeast probiotic, Brady’s yeast probiotic, to commemorate the centenary of its discovery.
  • The adult version of Yakult “Gai Shi Hero” announced that it has completed an angel round of financing of one million yuan. This financing is led by Mengniu Industrial Fund and will be used for further technical research and new product announcements. [Gai Shi Hero] Probiotic bubble drink is the first probiotic product in China that adopts bacterial liquid separation technology. The brand founder, Yuan Long(Mark), works for Mengniu Group. In the early stage of the project, he also relied on Mengniu’s innovation incubator to obtain a lot of advanced technology. Technical and industrial chain support.

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