BY-HEALTH Yep Launched GAGs Magnetic Pink Bottles

Recently, By-Health launched a new product called “Magnetic Pink Bottle”, which focuses on orally taken collagen peptides containing GAGs (glycosaminoglycans). It is reported that GAGs have become popular in recent years with the rise of the skincare ingredient “Pro-Xylane”. GAGs play an important role in maintaining skin moisture and regulating the assembly of collagen fibers. Some characteristics of GAGs collagen peptide raw materials, such as a fishy smell, bitter aftertaste, and high viscosity, are common problems that the industry has not yet solved. After spending 7000 hours refining and improving the product, the Yep R&D team not only overcome these problems to achieve a balance between nutrition and taste, but also developed collagen peptides containing GAGs with an average molecular weight of less than 1500Da. (Source:

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