Digitalization, Retailization, and Multi-channel Trends in China Direct Selling Industry

Direct selling is a business model that involves person-to-person selling. In the Chinese Direct selling market, only single-level sales are allowed, and multi level marketing, which is recognized in Western markets, is prohibited. In recent years, the traditional direct selling model has gradually integrated online platforms and social media, bringing new development paths for direct-selling companies. The transformation of direct selling brands in China is characterized by trends in digitalization, retailization, and multi-channel sales.

For multi-channel sales, by leveraging social e-commerce platforms, third-party platforms, online-to-offline (O2O) models, private domain operations, and live streaming, direct sales companies can quickly expand their brand influence.

Table of Contents of Entire Article:
– Direct Selling and Health Supplement Market Trends in China
– Digitalization: Exploring Digital Transformation
– Retailization: Embracing the D2C model
– Multi-channel Sales of Direct selling Products

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(Source: TMO Group)

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