Methu Nutrition: Food X Medical Genetics

Recently, Tidesight, a new consumer-focused platform, has been paying attention to Methu Nutrition, which has gained successive investments from Frees Fund and JinDing Capital within a span of just six months. Founded by medical professional Tang Liming in 2012, Methu Nutrition has developed its own brands, including oral IMPACT, DGI, and Keeplean, gradually transitioning from B2B to B2C over the past decade.

Oral IMPACT’s formulation incorporates 12 vitamins, 3 types of proteins, 4 minerals, and 5 dietary fibers, supporting rapid wound recovery and correcting hypoalbuminemia. In 2014, Methu Nutrition introduced the DGI brand targeting individuals with low glycemic response, and in 2016, they launched the Keeplean brand aimed at addressing obesity, overweight, and individuals with weight concerns. (Source: FBIF)

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