SuXing: Self-Service Retail Sobering Beverage Brand

“SuXing” recently announced the completion of a RMB 12 million yuan (USD $1.65 million) first-round financing. The main product of “SuXing” is the new retail automatic vending machine where users scan the QR code with their mobile phones, make the corresponding payment, and then receive sobering health products. Currently, “SuXing” has partnered with “JiangXiaoHuang”, introducing an herbal plant beverage for sale within the vending machines. “JiangXiaoHuang” herbal plant beverage is a water-soluble turmeric formulation with high activity and high bioavailability, effectively alleviating discomfort and hangover symptoms after alcohol consumption. This sobering beverage vending machine combines the advantages of the health industry and the Internet, forming a new retail operation model that can be managed through mobile software. (Source: FoodTalks)

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