Tmall Collaborates with Swisse to Host the 4th Anti-Aging Technology Summit

Recently, Tmall Global joined forces with Swisse, the Australian natural nutritional brand, to host the 4th Anti-Aging Technology Summit. Experts, industry professionals, and consumer representatives from around the world gathered to discuss the new trends in the development of anti-aging ingredients like NAD+ and innovative directions in the wellness industry. Tmall Global aims to enhance consumers’ understanding of health supplements through this summit, known as the “fourth meal”. While not a replacement for the traditional three meals, the “fourth meal” serves as supplementary nutrition beyond the regular meals. It’s understood that Tmall Global’s wellness business, including the “fourth meal”, has brought together over 2,000 brands from 37 countries and regions, covering more than 150 subcategories. It has grown into a significant player in the cross-border e-commerce sector, catering to the health needs of over 60 million high-net-worth users annually. (Source:

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