Development Report on the Dietary Nutritional Supplement Industry (2023)

On October 18th, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicine & Health Products, in collaboration with By-Health, released the “Development Report on the Dietary Nutritional Supplement Industry (2023)”, with over 100 industry experts and representatives from nutrition and health companies in attendance.

The report is divided into four sections: an authoritative analysis of the global industry’s current state and market data, a review and comparison of regulatory systems in major countries, a focus on new industry materials, developments, and technologies, and comprehensive data displaying international trade development.

Currently, China is one of the most active countries in the global dietary nutritional supplement industry. It serves as a primary source of raw materials and ranks as one of the largest potential consumer markets for industry growth. In 2022, China’s total import and export value of dietary nutritional supplements amounted to RMB 65.57 billion yuan (USD $9.13 billion), showing remarkable growth in both imports and exports. (Source: CCCMHPIE)

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