Haitian Flavouring & Food’s Explored Diversification with Probiotic Soy Milk

As a leading company in the Chinese condiment industry, Haitian Flavouring & Food continually explores diversification in its product offerings. This newly introduced plant-based protein beverage is a probiotic soy milk product “Milk a Plant” with a simple ingredient list, including water, non-genetically modified soybeans, sugar, and salt. Additionally, it features the inclusion of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp., enhancing its potential benefits for gut health.

It’s worth mentioning that Haitian Flavouring & Food has maintained a high pace and frequency in launching beverage products. Following fruit and vegetable juices and apple cider, this probiotic soy milk is the company’s fifth beverage product. The advantage that Haitian may leverage is the ability to rapidly test-market the new product using its distribution channels. (Source: FoodTalks)

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