Feihe Launched the Brain Development Strategy

On October 17th, the Feihe Brain Development Strategy Conference was held in Beijing. During the event, China Feihe announced the launch of its Brain Development Strategy. Renowned experts, including Nobel laureates and Chinese academicians, gathered to collectively discuss the significance of brain development nutrition and to leverage their research expertise in guiding the development of Chinese dairy industry.

In fact, Feihe has been deeply involved in brain nutrition research during early childhood development for many years. This year, Feihe has taken substantial steps by establishing collaborations with top domestic and international research platforms within just four months. In May of this year, Feihe initiated the “Early Life Brain Science Research Program” in collaboration with Peking University Medical School. In September, the Boston Children’s Hospital-Feihe Brain Development Foundation was established.

Feihe has expressed its commitment to further developing a comprehensive research system based on these collaborations, with the aim of creating more precise and scientifically formulated infant formulas. This initiative is expected to transition the industry from comprehensive nutrition to precision nutrition. (Source: new.cn)

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