Report of 2023 Double 11 Shopping Event

Tmall Rankings: This year, xxdun continues to hold the top position in the entire health store category, with other notable brands including BY-HEALTH and yanzhiwu. In the health food store category, BY-HEALTH claims the top spot. Notably, the new consumer brand WonderLab has secured the second position, and fivedoctors has reached the fourth position.

TikTok Rankings: This year, the traditional brand Renhe Pharmacy took the lead. Following closely are the increasingly popular brands NUTREND, fivedoctors, and WonderLab, securing second to fourth positions. Additionally, brands like MoveFree, Life Space, and Swisse have also made it to the list.

Looking at this year’s Double 11 Shopping Event across major e-commerce platforms, the popular products and brands have characteristics unique to each platform. Comparing the brands on Tmall and Tiktok platforms, a notable difference is the greater diversity of brands on Tiktok. Regarding categories, probiotics, lutein, and vitamin and mineral products continue to be the preferred types for consumers to stock up on. Additionally, oral beauty, weight management, sports nutrition, and tonics remain top of the list for consumers’ annual purchases. (Source: Herbridge)

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