Xiamen Kingdomway Intends to Acquire Activ Nutritional

On February 4th, Xiamen Kingdomway announced that its holding subsidiary, Doctors Best Inc., plans to acquire 100% equity of Activ Nutritional, LLC, with a basic purchase price of USD $17.2 million (RMB 123.78 million yuan). According to the announcement, Activ is primarily engaged in products such as the Viactiv® series of chewable supplements for bone health, immune health, and other dietary nutritional supplements. Activ’s products are currently sold through The Emerson Group in many retailers in the United States, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Upon completion of this transaction, the target company’s business will be integrated into Xiamen Kingdomway’s overseas business system. Kingdomway expected to open up new growth opportunities, enhance the competitiveness of Kingdomway’s overseas business, and bring better returns to shareholders. (Source: finance.eastmoney)

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